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Bad Credit Mortgages

Mortgage Options For People With Bad Credit

Think bad credit means you can’t get a mortgage? Think again. With the right financial advice, you can explore more flexible mortgage options and get your credit score back on track.

Understanding your mortgage options can be difficult, especially when you have bad credit. By reading our expert guides, we hope that you can feel more confident about your options and reach out to the specialist mortgage professionals to get the ball rolling.

Posted On: July 2, 2021

Can I Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Many people with a bad credit score feel that owning a property is out of reach for them. But is this really the case? We’re exploring whether you can get a mortgage with bad credit in this article.

Sometimes, when you run into financial difficulties, it can feel like a heavy burden or like you have very little control over your situation. Whether poor finances was a result of poor decisions on your part or difficult life circumstances such as illness or divorce, a specialist mortgage advisor can review your situation and offer actionable advice on how to improve your credit score. This can be a great way to get clarity on your finances and get you back on track to securing a mortgage.

What are the chances of getting a mortgage with bad credit?

It is more than possible to get a mortgage with bad credit.

You just need to be aware that your options may be limited. However, if you consult a specialist mortgage broker who can help with adverse credit, that is a great place to start. Whilst a specialist mortgage advisor won’t be able to help everyone with bad credit, it’s certainly worth a try, especially if the financial advice is free.

There are also a range of mortgage products and specific lenders that cater to individuals who are in a poor financial situation. By choosing a ‘Whole of Market’ and ‘specialist’ mortgage advisor, you should be able to access these products.

From missing credit card payments to defaulting on a loan, there are many things that can contribute to a bad credit score. A mortgage advisor can talk you through the problem points in your financial history and work with you to make your outlook a little brighter.

Are bad credit mortgages different from regular mortgage loans?

Bad credit mortgages are mostly the same as a regular mortgage, however there are likely to be tighter restrictions on how much you can borrow and there may be a higher deposit or interest rate to pay.

As a specialist mortgage advisor, Agentis has plenty of experience helping home-seekers with a bad credit score get on the property ladder. Speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly advisors today to book your free initial consultation.