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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Learn How To Cover Your Building and Its Contents

Building and contents Insurance covers the cost of your assets in the case of damage from events such as floods, fires and vandalism. There are varying levels of cover you can choose from and our guides will help you secure the right insurance for your property and personal valuables.

Posted On: September 28, 2021

Do I Need Contents Insurance As a Student?

So, you’ve got your A-levels, secured a place at university and packed all your study materials and belongings ready to make the big move. When it comes to student digs there are some important things to prepare. From checking and signing the contract to paying the deposit and setting up any utility bills if required, there’s plenty to do before you get the keys and move into your new abode. With all these essentials, it’s easy to overlook contents insurance.

Unfortunately, burglars and thieves can see student accommodation as an easy target. If you’re in halls of residence and the site is protected, you may not need to worry so much. But if you’re living in the city or town and your accommodation happens to be in a higher crime-rate area, you should certainly consider getting contents insurance.

From your laptop to your mobile phone, contents insurance is designed to cover the cost of everything in your home. Contents insurance doesn’t just protect against theft, it also covers damage from fire, flooding and storms – this is standard protection. As a student, you may not have the biggest budget to blow if your laptop was to get stolen or damaged in a flooding incident. Contents insurance ensures that you’re covered.

If you want to cover accidental damage, you can add this to your policy.

Will I also need buildings insurance as a student?

As most students live in rented accommodation, you probably won’t need buildings insurance. This covers the actual building, including fittings and fixtures and is something that the landlord should have in place before you move in. If you want to be doubly sure that you’re not responsible for building cover, you can always check with the landlord before signing the contract.

Want some help securing the right contents insurance for your student accommodation?

Agentis are here to help. It’s best to get contents insurance cover in place before you move-in to start your first term. That way, you’re covered from the get-go. To avoid issues further down the line, we’ll walk you through exactly what’s covered and what’s not. We can give you access to leading contents insurance providers who can help protect the value of your belongings so you don’t have to worry about being without a laptop when your dissertation is due. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Find the right contents insurance for you

Agentis can take the legwork out of finding good contents insurance cover. Speak to us today to organise your free initial consultation.