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More Information On Your Home Movers Mortgage

Planning on moving house? You may require a home mover mortgage. Moving house is a great opportunity to reconsider your current mortgage and look for a better deal. However, your mortgage options will vary depending on the value of your new property.

Read up on your options or book a friendly call with one of our mortgage advisors to find out which option is right for you.

Posted On: January 26, 2022
Updated On: May 18, 2022

Moving House Packing Tips – How To Pack Like a Pro

Congratulations, you’re finally moving house! In our moving house packing tips guide, we’ve got you covered on how to pack like a pro.

Have a clearout

Arguably there is no better time to get rid of your unused and unwanted items. For every item you clear out, it’ll be one less item to pack and find a new home for.

Make an inventory of your belongings

It can be helpful to write-up an inventory of your belongings – especially the high-value pieces. This will help give you peace of mind that nothing has been left behind or got lost in transit. Choosing a reputable removal company and making sure there’s insurance in place when your items are in transit is also important.

Label your boxes

Throwing everything into boxes without a care in the world may seem like a good idea at the time. But when you get to your new abode and need to unpack everything, it suddenly won’t seem like such a great plan. You won’t know where each box needs to go or what’s inside. However, by labelling the designated room and the main bulk of the contents on the outside of the box, you won’t have to second guess what’s inside.

Take extra care with fragile items

When it comes to your china plates and glass ornaments, bubble wrap is usually your best bet to make sure these more fragile items get to your new home in one piece.

Tackle one room at a time

From a bungalow to a large 5-bed house, having to move an entire lifetime’s worth of belongings can be a daunting thought. However, by tackling one room at a time you can break this task into bite size chunks, making it seem much more manageable.

Even setting aside just half an hour each day to pack a little more can make all the difference.

Get someone else to do it for you

Don’t have time or the energy to do the packing yourself? The good news is that many removal companies offer a full packing and unpacking service, for an extra fee.

Contact Agentis

Haven’t quite got to the stage where you can pack up your boxes, but want to move? Agentis is a team of mortgage experts in Peterborough. With our ‘Whole of Market’ approach and wealth of industry experience, we can help get your property moving goals off the ground. Contact us today to book your free initial consultation.