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Location, location, location. Where you want to buy a property can have an enormous impact on property prices. Read our expert guides to find out more about buying a home in desirable local cities, including Peterborough and Cambridge. We also look at important considerations when buying property, including the complications of purchasing in a conservation or flood-risk area.

Posted On: January 25, 2022

Top 5 Amenities To Look For When Buying A House In England

This guide is detailing the top amenities to look for when buying a house in England. When it comes to location, finding somewhere that gives you access to the right amenities will be an essential contributor to your overall satisfaction with your new property, and could contribute to its value. In other words, if a property is in an up-and-coming area that’s seeing lots of developments in the community, you could be snapping up a great investment.

Top 5 Amenities To Look For When House Hunting

GP surgeries and hospitals

Everyone needs access to healthcare in their lifetime – that’s a given. Most addresses in England will never be more than a short drive from their nearest GP surgery or doctor. However, if you’re someone who regularly needs to attend hospital appointments, being close to this facility may make your life that little bit easier. If it’s over an hour round-trip in the car every time you need to make your appointment, you could easily get frustrated.


If you have children, or are thinking of starting a family, access to good schools will be a key consideration. If you have a particular school in mind, make sure you’re in the right catchment area to avoid disappointment.

Shops and eateries

Whether you’re happy with just a local pub and corner shop, or would rather be living in a retail-haven with easy access to a bustling city centre, this is another amenity to consider to find a location that suits your lifestyle.

Leisure activities

Enjoy regular trips to the hair and beauty salon? Love to play golf with your friends at the weekend? Hit the gym every week without fail? Your hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time should certainly not be overlooked when looking for a new home.

You may prefer to have access to quiet green spaces or bustling city centres filled with entertainment venues – or you may like the best of both. Whatever your preferences, researching the local area for the top attractions, things to do and leisure activities can really help you decide whether a location is right for you or not.

Transport links

However you like to travel, it’s worth seeing how easy it is for you to get from A to B using your preferred mode of transport. If your route to work looks particularly long or complicated, you may decide to look elsewhere. If you rely on public transport, you’ll want to know that you’re not far from the nearest bus stop or train station.

If you like walking and cycling, you may want to check how cycle and pedestrian-friendly an area is. Cities like Peterborough and Cambridge are considered great areas to cycle due to their flat roads. Cambridge itself has the highest level of cycling in the country, with one in four residents cycling to work.

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