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Get whole market advice from your local expert mortgage brokers.

Not all mortgage brokers are created equal. Whether you need help finding the right advisor or want to prepare for your initial consultation, our advice guides have everything you need to know. We take the guesswork out of the mortgage broker process and help you make informed decisions to reach your property goals sooner.

As specialist mortgage brokers and financial advisors, we offer expert advice across a wide range of mortgage products.

All The Advice You Need To Choose The Right Mortgage Broker

Finding the right mortgage got your head in a spin? Mortgages don’t have to be daunting – you just need the right advice delivered in the right way. Should you choose Whole of Market? Are there brokers who can help when you have adverse credit or don’t match the regular criteria? We answer all these and more.

At Agentis, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward, jargon-free advice. Our qualified professionals are here to help, wherever you are on your property-buying journey.

Let us take the guesswork out of the mortgage process and help you get your property goals off the ground. As specialist mortgage brokers and financial advisors, we’re fully qualified to offer advice across a wide range of products.

When it comes to finding the right mortgage broker, we have your questions answered. Read our advice guides to find out more. Or, get in touch.


Do childcare costs affect my mortgage application?

When submitting your mortgage application, you will need to provide evidence of your income and outgoings. Lenders will need to see outgoings such as utility bills, pension contributions as well…

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Can I use overtime, commission, or benefits as my income?

Every lender is different, but there are lenders out there who will accept overtime, commission and benefits. Each lender will have different criteria you need to meet, but that is…

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Should I use the estate agents recommended mortgage broker or Agentis?

There are many advantages of using Agentis Financial, rather than an estate agents recommended broker. Here at Agentis we have whole market access, which means we will be able to…

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Why choose Agentis Financial?

We are a whole of market mortgage broker based in Peterborough and operate nationwide. Agentis was created to offer clear, simple and accessible mortgage advice for those looking to buy…

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At what stage of the process should I see a mortgage broker?

Ideally, you should speak to a mortgage broker as early as possible in the house-buying process. Not only will our broker run through what you can afford to borrow but…

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Do I have to pay to speak to a broker?

There is no fee required to have an initial appointment with a broker at Agentis Financial. There is usually a broker fee upon submitting your application, but all of your…

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How to Find the Best Mortgage Broker

Buying property is no walk in the park. If you’re not a cash buyer, you need a great mortgage broker by your side. In this guide, we’re listing how to…

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How Much Do Mortgage Brokers Charge?

You may have seen that many mortgage brokers offer their services for free. Your instant reaction may be to question why it’s free. Surely that means the service isn’t any…

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How To Find a Good Mortgage Broker?

Finding a good mortgage broker is important. You’re entrusting them with one of the biggest financial commitments of your life after all. But with most brokers claiming they are the…

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Top Reasons You Should Use a Mortgage Broker

Looking to buy a property, but need a loan to purchase? A mortgage broker can help connect you with lenders and secure a favourable mortgage deal. In this article, we’re…

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