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Posted On: September 29, 2021

What Is a Contractor Mortgage Broker?

What Is A Contractor Mortgage Broker and Do I Need One?

For those who are self-employed, you may find that there are fewer open doors on the mortgage market. However, if you’re self-employed or a contractor, there is a special type of mortgage broker out there just for you.

With the time-consuming and complex processes involved with securing a mortgage when not earning from an employer it can help to know that there are experts in your field who can help open doors and get you on the property ladder.

Do I Need a Contractor Mortgage Broker?

We would strongly recommend seeking out a professional contractor mortgage broker if you are self-employed or a contractor. Their expertise and experience in the field will help speed up the process and could help you secure a more favourable mortgage rate. They will speak your language and understand the common pitfalls that others experience. In most cases having the right paperwork prepared and ensuring that your finances are in good order can be the difference between successfully applying for a mortgage or getting turned down.

Teaming up with a contractor mortgage broker that’s ‘Whole of Market’ is a winning combination. As a team of specialist mortgage advisors we are dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds and lifestyles get a mortgage that works for your circumstances. We understand the complexities and nuances surrounding getting a mortgage when you don’t match the typical earning criteria to secure a loan.

Due to the nature of contract or freelance work, many find it difficult to prove the consistency of their earnings which can be off putting for some lenders. But with a specialist contractor mortgage advisor, you can access lenders who are a little more flexible.

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