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Right to Buy Mortgages

Can You Buy Your Home With A Substantial Discount?

Right to Buy Mortgages enable you to buy your home with a substantial discount. Learn more about this scheme, including who is eligible and how it can help make getting onto the property ladder more affordable in our guides.

Posted On: August 31, 2021

How Do You Apply For The Right To Buy Scheme?

Once you know you’re eligible and can afford the Right to Buy scheme the next big step is to apply. We’re going to guide you step by step on how to apply for the Right to Buy scheme so you can get it right the first time.

Step 1: Get mortgage advice

If you haven’t already, it’s important to get mortgage advice to ensure that the Right to Buy scheme is a good course of action to take. Before rushing into this big decision, receiving expert financial advice can clear up any misconceptions about the scheme and help check that you’re eligible and can afford the repayments in the first place.

Step 2: Fill out the form

Most applications involve filling out a form, but to make sure your time is well spent you’ll want to be sure you’re filling out the correct form. You can apply for joint ownership.

The Right to Buy form is known as an RTB1 application. You can access this online by following the link. You can use this form if you’re a council or housing association tenant. Simply read and follow the instructions.

Once started, you have 30 days to complete the online form.

Step 3: Send it to your landlord

When you have completed the online form, you should save it and print two copies – one for you and the other for your landlord. Once you’ve signed the form and sent it to your landlord, all you have to do is wait for a response. If posting, recorded delivery is recommended and if delivering by hand, you should ask for a receipt.

Upon receipt of your application to purchase your property under the Right to Buy, you should receive a decision within four weeks.

Step 4: Start searching for a mortgage

There are some instances where a landlord is entitled to refuse your application, such as if you are bankrupt. But, if your landlord gives you the go ahead to buy the property, you can start your search for a Right to Buy mortgage.

Want to make the Right to Buy process simpler?

You can cut out all the time-consuming research and application processes by going straight to a reputable mortgage advisor and broker. Once you’ve established you’re eligible, they can help you apply and ensure you’re in the best position to acquire a good Right to Buy mortgage.

Agentis can help with this. Speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable advisors today to get your property buying journey started. When applying for a mortgage there can be many hoops to jump through, but at Agentis we go the extra mile to help save you time and hassle at every step of the process. We’ll keep you informed of progress and ensure you’re getting a good mortgage deal.