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With the big day just around the corner, it’s hard to believe where time has gone this year. It’s that time of year again when Christmas is weeks away.

Lenders and solicitors will be starting their Christmas wind down this week as many shut down for the full week or so in between Christmas and new year with many not opening up again until the first week of the New Year.

For many of us, we will be traveling away from home to spend time with friends and family. Some of us may even be gearing up for a winter break, maybe some winter sun and a holiday. As we leave our homes it’s important to remember that burglars also take advantage of the festive season

Every last quarter of the year is November, December, and January residential burglary rates shoot up. Rising around 26% on average in London alone during this time.

Thieves are opportunistic and according to an independent study from Aviva, only 61% check all doors and windows are locked before they go away, 43% check sheds and garages are secured, 48% ensure valuables aren’t visible through windows, 19% put away garden furniture and one in ten (19%) put out a key in an ‘inconspicuous’ place such as under the doormat or a plant pot, to allow their neighbour to check in on their home.

Top Tips for Protection

  • Posting on social media that you are away is an open invitation for potential burglaries. If you can avoid this or posting on public domains it may help
  • Leaving your key with a trusted family member or friend is always better than the plant pot or doormat.
  • Making your home seem unoccupied with timers on light switches and/or radios giving the impression that someone is home.
  • Even asking a neighbour to utilise and park on your driveway may help as yours may be unoccupied for an amount of time.


Home insurance is a legal requirement for property ownership and whilst it mainly covers damage to the home from fire, accident or weather, you are able to specify certain items against theft and burglaries even away from the home.

Agentis can help you find the right insurance for your home and needs, give us a call today!

David Mortell company director at Agentis Financial & Mortgage Solutions

David Mortell

David is Ce(MAP) and Ce(RER) qualified and has 14 years’ experience delivering top-rated mortgage and financial advice.In 2014, David took the plunge and started Agentis Financial & Mortgage Solutions with award-winning mortgage broker, Christine Long. Agentis has now become the brokerage of choice in and around Peterborough. David is also a director at our sister company, Agentis Wealth.