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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Learn How To Cover Your Building and Its Contents

Building and contents Insurance covers the cost of your assets in the case of damage from events such as floods, fires and vandalism. There are varying levels of cover you can choose from and our guides will help you secure the right insurance for your property and personal valuables.

Posted On: September 29, 2021

Do I Need Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance protects the items in your home. A standard policy should protect against damage or loss ot contents due to fire, flooding, storms and theft.

From laptops and mobile phones to paintings and sofas, the list can be pretty comprehensive. You may think contents insurance is only meant for people who live in areas with higher crime rates or those in less secure buildings, but contents insurance is really for everyone who owns a property with items in it.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that if you wouldn’t be able to afford the replacements for some or all of your items, if they were to be stolen or perish in a fire for instance, contents insurance is certainly worth considering.

You may be surprised how much the value of your contents are worth. Even in a smaller, minimal home, it only takes one high-value item to be lost for you to lose-out financially.

Obviously, no amount of contents insurance cover is going to be able to restore a one-off, unique item. But, what it can do is protect the financial value of the contents of your home. This should help you cover the costs of the essentials and get back to living your life in a home you enjoy.

As with any insurance, it covers your back if the worst should happen.

Want to know more about contents insurance and which policy would be right for you?

Speak to Agentis today. As professional contents insurance brokers, we can help you find the right contents insurance deal for your property and walk you through the terms of the policy to ensure you’re 100% satisfied that everything’s covered. Speak to us today to organise your free initial consultation.