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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Learn How To Cover Your Building and Its Contents

Building and contents Insurance covers the cost of your assets in the case of damage from events such as floods, fires and vandalism. There are varying levels of cover you can choose from and our guides will help you secure the right insurance for your property and personal valuables.

Posted On: September 28, 2021

Is Building Insurance The Same As Home Insurance?

Building insurance, home insurance, contents insurance – with so many terms bandied around it can be hard to know what the difference is and which type of insurance is right for you. We’re revealing the difference between building insurance and home insurance in this guide, so you no longer have to second guess.

What is building insurance and is it the same as home insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the structure and fixtures of your home. This includes fittings such as kitchen units and bathroom suites. On the other hand, contents insurance covers the removable items within your home, including everything from furniture and electrical items to clothing and curtains.

You can also include additional cover that adds damage or loss to personal belongings outside of your home. This can be particularly useful for items like bicycles, jewellery, and handheld devices like mobile phones.

Home insurance is the umbrella term for both buildings and contents insurance. You can choose to take out a joint policy that covers both, or you can just acquire buildings or contents insurance. So when you read the term ‘home insurance’ it is a blanket term for any insurance policy that protects your home and its contents.

Hopefully this short guide will help you shop around for the right type of insurance. However, if you need more guidance, you can always enlist the help of a professional insurance broker.

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